Referrals & Investigations

Your doctor will give you an “ordonnance” for any blood tests and other investigations she wishes you to have.

Blood tests

The hospitals all offer a “prise de sang” (blood testing) service (see their respective websites for details), and there are a number of commercial laboratories (listed in the Yellow pages or on that you can visit. We also offer a service at the Centre Medical for blood tests from a visiting laboratory on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7am – 10am. These are all walk-in services. You simply turn up with your ordonnance. You can request to receive a copy of your results. Most results will arrive at the practice within the next days for your doctor to review.

X-Rays, ultrasound scans, MRI scans etc

For a simple x-ray, the hospitals all offer a walk-in service during normal office hours.
For an ultrasound or anything more complicated, you will need to call one of the hospitals and ask to speak to the appropriate department. If you then explain which test your doctor would like you to have (written on the ordonnance), they will either give you an appointment straight away, or they will ask that you fax them the request, and they will call you back to book the test when they have seen the details from your doctor. We should receive a report of these tests once they have been reviewed at the hospital. You can then come for review to discuss the results or follow up with you doctor as arranged .

Arranging to see a specialist

Your doctor will give you a referral letter and you can ask for guidance on which specialist to see. However, patients here do have the right to see whichever specialist they would like to visit. You need to ring the specialist or his/her secretary, and book an appointment, then take your referral letter with you (and any other relevant information, for example blood test results). Please inform your doctor here if the wait seems too long!